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WCF Project Deployment Considerations

In this post I am going to explain the problem we have faced during the deployment process of WCF services based project.
The project Application Pool stops/shut down regularly and can’t access the REST services from UI.
Project Description:
The project has WCF rest services to communicate with UI layer and data layer.
1. The application pool must operate under NetworkService account (i.e. Process Model => Identity = NetworkService). 
The Default App pool had been set to run as IWAM_SOMEUSER and that user didn’t have permissions to access the WCF service files, but NetworkService did.
2. The Idle Time-out should be set to under Process Model tab.
Idle Time-out is the amount of time in minutes a worker process will remain idle before it shuts down. The default value is set to 20 minutes. The value 0 means the worker process will never shut down as long as user manually does.

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